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In response to the unexpected barrage of chaos-causing changes to the United States immigration system over the past year, CEO members of the Business Roundtable sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) urging the agency to cease making changes that “inflict substantial harm on U.S. competitiveness.”

The August 22nd letter, found here, summarizes what Myers Thompson has heard from many of our clients: despite having played by the rules, employees are facing uncertainty and fear due to arbitrary and inconsistent adjudications.  As the letter states, “USCIS actions significantly increase the likelihood that a long-term employee—who has followed the rules and who has been authorized by the U.S. government multiple times to work in the United States—will lose his or her status.”  The very real possibility of this scenario impacting our clients has increased with each policy memoranda released by USCIS.  A summary of these changes can be found on Myers Thompson’s website.

In addition to urging DHS to avoid making changes that inflict substantial harm on U.S. competitiveness and disrupt the lives of important employees, the Business Roundtable continues to work with Congress to improve immigration policies and reduce the permanent residency (green card) backlog.

We encourage you to read this letter and join the business community’s advocacy efforts.  Being informed and getting involved in advocacy within the business community will help create immigration policies that encourage talented and highly skilled individuals to pursue career opportunities in the United States and, thus, spur U.S. economic growth.

Please contact us if you would like more information or wish to be part of future advocacy efforts.

Thank you.